31 Healthy Living Books for the Price of 3!

[Jami] Please welcome Shannon from Nourishing Days. She is writing today to share about some wonderful and well-known Natural Living ebooks. Don’t miss out!

Every once in awhile an opportunity comes across the Nourishing Days desk that is too good to pass up. Today I’d like to share one such opportunity with you.

Two years ago I wrote, developed, and photographed recipes for Simple Food for spring and winter. I was recently asked to contribute those books to a larger Healthy Living book bundle in which 31 books on a variety of natural living topics come together at a huge discount.

This book bundle has grown to include a variety of topics from natural health to real food recipes to natural birthing to gardening and homesteading. I’ve even reviewed a couple of these books and loved them like Sourdough A to Z and Herbal Nurturing.

In bundle form these books are available for 11% of the total costs of the individual books (or a $224 savings!). To see the whole list of books and learn more click here now.

You will probably never see this collection of books for this price ever again. So whether you buy this for gifts or for your own collection, don’t miss out. The sale only lasts for 5 days, from Monday, October 29th to Friday, November 2nd.

To purchase you can go to Nourishing Days for the link starting Monday the 29th . Feel free to tell your friends, spread around our YouTube video, and then come on over to Nourishing Days when the sale goes live!

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