Yellow Curried Pickled Eggs

Curry spiced pickled eggs with the awesome side effect of a brilliant yellow. These not only look great but taste great too. Use as you would an hard boiled egg. Sliced on a salad, as and egg salad or eat by themselves as a nutritious snack.

Pack eggs into a quart sized mason jar. I was able to fit about 10 eggs in a jar. Sprinkle spices in as you pack the eggs. Cover with salt brine. It’s important to make sure the eggs are fully submerged using a weight. Cover tightly and let set for about a day. Transfer to the fridge and let marinate for few days to a week before serving. The longer they set, the more the color will leach in to the middle of the egg. I suggest using these within a month (if they last that long).

Bacon and Spinach Pseudo-Omelet

I call this recipe a Pseudo-Omelet because there is two layers of eggs with bacon, cheese and spinach in the middle, but it does not require flipping and is served like a casserole.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
Render the bacon on low heat until most of the fat has come out. Remove the bacon from the pan. Pour the bacon grease through a coffee filter in a metal sieve into a 12″ cast iron skillet.
Make a lattice of tortilla strips on the bottom of the skillet while you bring it up to medium heat.
Beat 1 tablespoon of cream and a pinch of salt, garlic powder and chili powder into 4 eggs. Pour the egg mixture over the top of the tortilla strips.
Once the eggs start to firm up, put a layer of raw cheddar cheese, spinach and bacon over the eggs.
Beat the second tablespoon of cream and a pinch of salt, garlic powder and chili powder into the other 6 eggs. Pour the egg mixture over the top.
Finally put a thin layer of Parmesan cheese.
Put it in the oven and bake it until it is done, about 10 or 12 minutes.
Slice it up into squares and serve it like you would a casserole.

Cheesy Egg Biscuit Sandwiches

Move over McDonalds. This egg muffin tastes much better than the typical fast food greasy version. Any basic biscuit recipe will do, but I used our favorite cheese biscuit recipe made with sprouted flour.

For Biscuits:
HEAT oven to 450ºF.
MIX first 5 ingredients in medium bowl. Cut in butter with pastry blender or 2 knives until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Stir in Cheese. Add milk; stir until mixture forms soft dough.
PLACE on lightly floured surface; knead 8 to 10 times or until smooth. Roll out 1/2″ thick and cut out 12 biscuits.
BAKE 10 to 12 min. or until golden brown.
HEAT cast iron and melt butter. Fry biscuits on each side for about a minute.
For eggs:
MIX all ingredients for egg filling.
HEAT a cast iron skillet over medium heat. If you have small egg/pancake metal frames, pour egg mix into forms and cook until set. If not, pour the whole egg mix into the skillet and cook until set. Turn off heat and use the same cutter you used for the biscuits to cut the eggs into 6 pieces.
Place egg cut-out in between 2 biscuits. Serve warm.

Naturally Dyed Easter Egg

There is no need to use chemicals to dye your Easter Eggs. Dying your eggs with homemade vegetable dyes is an interesting, healthy, and fun way to enjoy this tradition with your family!

Hard boil your eggs, and allow them to cool completely. Make sure they are well dried before placing them into the dye baths.
Immerse the eggs in the coloring liquid to which you have added 2 Tablespoons of white vinegar (per quart of liquid) and put them into the refrigerator.
Go back from time to time and check on the color. When it is as you wish, then remove the eggs and discard the dye liquid. The longer they soak, the deeper the color.
After coloring, be sure to store your eggs in the refrigerator!

Onion Skin Dye Yellow to Gold

To make dye from yellow onion skins, place several skins in your pot of water. Boil them for a little while and allow the mixture to cool with the skins in the water. Then drain off the water to use for the actually dyeing. Add the vinegar. Put the skins in your compost. Soak your hard-boiled eggs in this dye bath and depending on how many eggs you use and how concentrated the dye bath is, you can get warm tones that range from gold to a lovely terra cotta.

Cranberry Dye Light Blue

To use fresh cranberries, boil 4 cups cranberries in 2 cups cold water until the berries burst. Let them cool. Drain and save the liquid. Add the vinegar. For a light blue, soak only a short time. If the eggs stay in very long, they will become dark gray in color.

Turmeric Yellow Dye

In a quart of water, simmer 1/4 cup of ground turmeric. Cool. Strain, add the vinegar and proceed.

Red Cabbage Blue

About 3/4 of a head of red cabbage chopped up will make a lovely blue. Again, cook for a while, cool in liquid, strain, add the vinegar and then dye your eggs.

Pickled Purple Eggs

Eggs pickled using lactofermentation! Not only do they look cool, they taste great too. Use juice from lactofermented beets to add color.

Stuff eggs in a 2 pint jar. Dissolve salt in the beet juice (add a little water if needed to dissolve salt). Add to jar. Add filtered water to cover eggs completely, leaving at least 1/2″ head space. Make sure eggs remain submerged and leave at room temperature for a day. Move to the fridge and let marinate for a few more days.

Bacon & Spinach Oven Omelette

Some mornings call for something special. Not necessarily because it’s a weekend, usually because we just need a lil extra love to start our day on a happy note. This is our favorite omelet. It’s hardy, packed full of flavor, protein, and iron, and perfect for an early spring morning before you head out into the cold to plant trees, prune, start an early garden, or just run around town like a crazy person. This is a great dish to bring to a brunch. It can be assembled the night before so you can throw it in the oven as soon as you wake up. Also? The leftovers heat up beautifully.

Heat oven to 350º. Place butter in a 9×13 pan and stick in the oven to melt. Meanwhile, beat eggs, creme fraiche, milk, cheese, onions, and salt. Add bacon and mix briefly.
Once the butter is melted in the pan, take it out of the oven and tilt it around to coat the bottom of the pan. Place spinach in pan evenly. Pour egg mixture over spinach. Don’t be alarmed if all the eggs go to the bottom; they’ll puff up around the spinach as it bakes. Return to oven and bake 50 minutes, or until slightly browned on the top. Serve warm and grind some black pepper on top (optional).

Baked Eggs with Fresh Herbs and Cream

Surprisingly easy, impressive and ready in under 15 minutes. You can’t beat that! These are a great way to prepare a lot of eggs at once for company or for a large family breakfast or brunch. There is no standing over the stove flipping eggs or stirring. Instead, simply prepare and then pop in the oven and walk away.
You may use any fresh herbs you like, thyme, chives, oregano, basil and parsley are all good choices. My favorites are thyme and chives.

Position rack in the center of the oven and pre-heat to 425 degrees. Butter individual ramekins using the butter called for.**
Crack an egg into each ramekin. Season each with a pinch of unrefined sea salt and cayenne pepper. Sprinkle each with some of the fresh herbs. Drizzle a tablespoon of cream over each egg. Start drizzling over the yolk until covered and then the rest of the egg.
Bake until bubbly, about 5-7 minutes. Eggs may not brown and will not yet be set in the center.
Turn the oven to Broil. Keep eggs on center rack in oven. Broil an additional 2 minutes or until center of eggs are set. Remove immediately. Eggs will continue to cook and set after being removed.
**NOTE: If you’d rather, you can make these in a casserole dish. I’ve done this when I didn’t want to mess with ramekins. Simply butter an appropriate sized casserole dish (6-8 eggs in a 9×9 etc.), crack eggs in, season, sprinkle with herbs, drizzle 1 tablespoon of cream over for each egg. Bake at same temperature, but may require a couple minutes longer. Watch them. To serve, allow to cool slightly for a minute or two and use a spatula to cut out one or two eggs to serve to each person.

Spinach and Onion Strata

A perfect dish for entertaining–can be prepared the night before and is tasty hot from the oven or at room temperature. Great as leftovers, too. Serve with fresh fruit and homemade sausage for a complete meal.

Sauté onions in butter until soft.
Meanwhile, grease an 8x8x2-inch pan. Layer the bread, then the spinach. When the onions are ready, layer them next. Then spread the cheese across the onions.
Lightly whisk the eggs in a bowl. Add the remaining ingredients and whisk.
Pour the egg mixture over the contents of the pan.
Cover and chill for 2 to 24 hours.
Bake uncovered in a 325-degree oven for 50 to 55 minutes. Let stand 5 to 10 minutes before serving.
For a time-delayed oven: Bake at 325 degrees for 70 minutes.

Ham, Gruyere and Kale Egg Cupcakes

Why cupcakes instead of quiche? Well, cupcakes sounds yummier. Who doesn’t want to eat cupcakes for breakfast? These egg cupcakes are savory and light. The Gruyere and ham combo are amazing.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease muffin tins (stainless steel or stoneware are best).
Whisk together eggs, cream, salt, nutmeg and cayenne pepper.
Fold in remaining ingredients.
Scoop 1/4 cup of batter into each tin.
Bake for about 20 minutes, or until eggs are just set in the middle.
Allow to cool in the tins for a few minutes before trying to remove the cupcakes.
*NOTE: For dairy-free and Paleo, leave out the cream and increase eggs to 12.

Texas Quiche

This simple, yet rich quiche is wonderful hot, or you can cut into small squares and serve it cold as a wonderful, high-protein finger food. Great to bring to a holiday party!

Turn oven to 350, place butter in 9×13 dish and put in the oven to melt as it preheats.
Whisk together eggs with remaining ingredients.
When butter is melted, pour into batter, whisking constantly so it won’t harden. Pour into pan and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.

Kimchi & Egg Breakfast Salad

This GAPS breakfast recipe is suitable for Stage 4 of the Intro Diet and beyond.

One of the best parts of this breakfast is the “juice” left at the bottom of the bowl at the end – a combination of kimchi juice, cucumber water, olive oil, and egg yolk. Yum!

Put lettuce in the bottom of a bowl, then top with chopped cucumber.
Lay the avocado slice on one side of the bowl, then drizzle everything with a little olive oil. Place the kimchi on the other side of the bowl.
Place poached eggs in the center.
Add salt and pepper to taste.

Simple Poached Eggs

You can purchase all sorts of little devices to “poach” eggs in, but they are unnecessary. Poaching eggs is very easy and simple to do. We love poached eggs. Being cooked gently, they are, well, milder (?) I can’t really think of a suitable adjective. Suffice it to say, that their reputation for a good food for invalids is well deserved.

Here is how to do it. First, pour water into a saucepan. I use my index finger to measure the depth, and for me that is just barely past the first knuckle, which I measured for the sake of the more scientific amongst us, and found that is 1.25 inches. 🙂
Pour in about 2 teaspoons of vinegar.
While you are bringing the pan of water to a boil, carefully crack your eggs into a small shallow bowl.
When the water starts to boil again, reduce to a simmer, and keep an eye on it so it doesn’t start actually boiling again. You want to cook them gently. When the time is up, using a slotted spoon, remove each egg, one at a time, from the water and place into a bowl, or onto a nice piece of buttered toast. My husband likes to break little pieces of whole wheat toast into the eggs and stir it all up together, adding sea salt and freshly ground pepper.
If you turn them upside-down as you put them in the bowl, they look prettier.
Of course, you can play around with the cooking time, if you like. Also, you might need to use the slotted spoon, holding back the eggs while you pour off a little water that might be in the bowl. Or not, if there isn’t any!

Try it. It’s easy, and very easy to clean up after too.