Coconut Butter Chocolates

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More coconut oil creates a more smooth chocolate and also pours into the molds better for a better appearance with less air bubbles, but has to be kept in the refrigerate because they melt more readily. Less oil will make them more firm, but not worth it to me for it sacrifices creamy texture. Less cocoa powder makes a milk chocolate like flavor, while more is like dark chocolate. You will want to taste the mixture for sweetness, our sweet sensors are ultra sensitive since we have been eating minimal sugars, so a little goes a long way for us.

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    1. Could I replace coconut butter for the shredded coconut and coconut oil? Do you know how much I would need to use? Thanks!

    2. I make these all the time only with a little twist – but every bit as good! I just melt 1/2 cup CO, mix in about 5-8 drops of liquid hazelnut stevia and 2-3 Tablespoons of cocoa powder. Mix and pour into mold, then freeze for about 10 minutes. No air bubbles – just chocolatey goodness. Sometimes I use them to scoop almond butter and have a mini fake resee’s cup!!

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