Easy Leftover Sourdough Starter Crock Pot Rye Bread

Recipe Description:

I have two different sourdough starters that live in my fridge. There is Carl, and the new one, which is named Caleb. They are both very nice, the first being more sour in taste than the second.

I had to be away from home for nearly a week and so my sourdoughs languished in the fridge. Normally, I feed them twice a week, and so they are very happy and Not Too Sour. But, after a week’s neglect, I needed to refresh them. I poured out all but 1/2 cup of each, added 1/2 cup of filtered water and 1/2 cup of freshly ground whole wheat flour to each jar. But then I had about 2 cups of extra starter. I didn’t want to throw it away!

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