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    Fermented Lard Mayonnaise Recipe

    Fermented Lard Mayonnaise
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    This recipe makes a mayonnaise that results is a great texture at room temperature. If you're not going to use it all right away it is best if you store the leftovers in the fridge and set it on the counter 10-20 minutes before you want to use it. It's still spreadable when cold, just very thick. I use a stick blender and a wide mouth mason jar to make this quickly and easily with minimal clean up. You could also use a regular blender.

    Recipe Instructions:

    Separate the egg whites from the yolks and set the whites aside for another use. Blend the yolks with your blender for about a minute.

    Add lemon juice and blend for 30 seconds, then add the sweetener of your choice and sea salt and blend again for 10 seconds. If you choose to use mustard then blend it in now.

    Melt lard over very low heat. Remove it from the heat as soon as it's melted, or even a bit before. The goal isn't to cook the egg when you mix it in, but the lard does have to be liquified.

    Add the melted lard 1 Tbsp at a time in the beginning, blending between additions. You may add 2 Tbsp at a time once the mayo has successfully emulsified and is getting thicker. If you add too much lard it will separate, so make sure you stop when they mayo has a good spreadable texture. 3/4 of a cup is usually good.

    Once the lard is incorporated blend in 1/2 Tbsp of whey, then let it sit on your counter for about 7 hours before storing in your fridge.

    Comments and Reviews

  • martine says:
    Why do you put sugar in it ? Any particular reason? Reply
  • loves2spin says:
    Simply brilliant! I have been so happy about this direction in mayonnaise recipes. I've made it 4 years with EVOO and cold pressed sunflower oil, but was always unhappy about the omega 6's in the sunny oil. What a great idea to use lard! Reply
  • Pema says:
    Thank you for all of these amazing recipes ! I'm wondering if I can substitute coconut oil for the lard in this recipe as i would rather not use lard (I have no source of 'healthy' lard where I live). Thank you in advance for your reply. Reply
    • loves2spin says:
      Pema, I make a mayo with coconut oil. It is very nice, but of course sets up in the refrigerator. I used it in this recipe: http://eatnourishing.com/recipe/coconut-cabbage-carrot-coleslaw/ Reply
  • Rachel says:
    How does this mayo set up in the fridge? Or can it stay out on the counter? I recently got a bunch of pastured lard and was wondering about using it for mayo! Reply
  • Laura S says:
    This mayo does get pretty solid in the fridge but if you bring it out a bit in advance it becomes spreadable. I've made mayo with coconut oil and other mixed oils before, and it was a very good consistency. Reply
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