Fluffy Grain-Free Almond Buckwheat Blender Pancakes

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I have a sort of standard pancake recipe I use, but I am always playing with the ingredients and trying different blends to get that perfect pancake. If you are a fan of fluffy, super tender pancakes, then you’ll love this particular variety I came up with. The sweet almonds and nutty buckwheat are a match made in heaven.

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    1. I tried this, using oats instead of buckwheat, coconut milk. The directions don’t say to grind the almonds and the groats, but I ground them in the food processor first, then put in the blender and soaked. Didn’t need much extra milk the next day. I added some stevia, as I am trying to avoid too much sugar, ie syrup. The kids liked them. I added bittersweet choc. chips to individual pancakes too.

    2. Wondering if these would work egg-free. I miss my pancake recipe with almond meal in it, but it doesn’t work well with egg replacer. Do you have any suggestions?

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