Fresh Hominy from Dried Corn Kernels

Recipe Description:

Made from organically grown heirloom dent or flour corn, fresh hominy is a lovely addition to soups, stews or even eaten with unrefined salt and butter for breakfast! The process described here for preparing the corn is called “nixtamalization” and greatly enhances the nutritional profile of the corn. It does take some time, but is not difficult, and if you make a substantial amount all at once and freeze or can the extra, it will be ready to eat when you are!

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  • 3 thoughts on “Fresh Hominy from Dried Corn Kernels”

    1. Yolanda! I am so excited to try this! We LOVE hominy, but I haven’t bought it in years because I can’t find any Non-GMO. I do have some Non-GMO Organic corn in my pantry though that I use to grind for cornmeal.
      Question: When you are “working” the corn, as you put it, are you trying to remove the hull, or just washing it, so to speak? Just want to be sure I am no missing anything.

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