GAPS Celery Root Bacon Hashbrowns

Recipe Description:

Ease your potato craving with this GAPS friendly breakfast favorite! It is smoky and savory all in one delicious bite! GAPS diet restrictions don’t allow you to have potatoes, though celery root (used in this recipe) is an amazing alternative. You might find that you like this better then original hash browns!
Since potatoes are usually a breakfast thing at my house, I wanted to create something unique with breakfast flavors. That is when I thought of celery root bacon hash browns! Celery root makes a good stable alternative to potatoes. When you are shredding the celery root, the smell will be strong, but don’t let that stop you from making these. When celery root is cooked, the texture, taste and smell resemble potatoes. The bacon really adds a nice flavor that helps cover up the “vegetable” taste of the celery root.
I designed the recipe so the celery root hash browns can be kept in the freezer for an easy breakfast. I pre-cooked them and then froze them into squares. So, when breakfast or lunch comes around, all you have to do is pop one out and put it on the stove or a baking sheet until golden brown!

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