Good Bones Beef Stock

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Slow-cooked over night, this rich stock is so very good. I use it as the base for braising liquid for pot roasts, and braciole. It also makes a great French Onion Soup.

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      1. Fat spoils easily, especially after being cooked for a long time as in stock making. If you are storing your stock and not using right away, it’s advised to skim the fat off so it doesn’t start rotting, albeit slowly, in the freezer. I had a friend had it hAppen, the thawed stock smelled like. Omit and was ruined.

        1. That is good to know! I usually make large batches of stock and can them at home, so that would eliminate the problem. Stocks that I’m not canning, or using right away, I would skim and I save the fats for making soap. 🙂

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