Grass-fed Beef Liver Pâté

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This easy recipe for liver pate’ will be a big hit with your family and guests! It is delicious. Another easy way to eat nourishing liver.

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  • 3 thoughts on “Grass-fed Beef Liver Pâté”

    1. I would really like to “Pin” your recipes on Pinterest, but the way you post your pictures won’t allow me to do that. Please just post your picture withOUT the “special” whatever you are doing to it.


      1. If you use the “Pin It” button that is attached to each recipe, it will work; we have coded it to do so. For some reason there is only a bug when trying to add a Pin from the Pinterst website. Still working on it.

    2. Hey, your fixing must have worked, because I pinned it just fine. 🙂

      My question: should you remove membrane/veins before making pâté? I’ve never made it, and I have INSECURITY. TIA!

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