Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups

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These are fabulous snacks for on the go and something wonderful to slip into school lunches. They have been tested on eight picky eaters who love Trader Joe’s fruit leathers and they said they liked these better!
Many flavors can be made. Our favorites are blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry. We like berries. And all you use are, well, the berries! In the fall we look forward to apple roll ups. So here’s how it works. I’ve found that filling the blender with fruit will make enough purée for three sheets on the ol’ Excalibur. Depending on how many trays your dehydrator has, make as many batches that you need to fill that thing up. If you can purée a fruit, you can leather it. Here’s what we’re making today:

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    1. This is great! Thank you for the tip to use waxed paper! I have the “sheets” that come with our Excalibur, but sometimes it would be nice to use something else so I don’t have to wash them. For instance, I made some “sun-dried” tomatoes the other day, and seasoned them with garlic and things, and had quite a mess to clean up.

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