Nutty Almond Crackers

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This is a great Paleo snack recipe for gluten-free almond crackers. Only 4 ingredients! This is a really great use for almond pulp leftover from making almond milk.

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  • 2 thoughts on “Nutty Almond Crackers”

    1. You mention ‘cooking time’, and do not indicate using a dehydrator, so the impression is that the finished product is NOT raw. “Bake at lowest setting for 20 hours” is a bit vague, again, since you do not specify oven or dehydrator. Raw foods are not ‘cooked’.

      1. “Cooking Time” is just the name of the field for all the recipes on the site.
        This is not my recipe, so I don’t know if the cook meant for them to be a dehydrated raw cracker or not. My guess is yes, since she says to place in oven at the lowest setting. This is a method many use to dehydrate if they don’t own a dehydrator. In order to keep the oven temperature low enough for raw, some people may have to prop the oven door with a rolled up tea towel.
        Or perhaps, the cook didn’t intend for these to be raw at all and isn’t concerned about the exact temperature, but just a “cool” oven for a long time so that the crackers get crisp.

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