Slow Cooker Chuck Roast Supreme

Recipe Description:

The way I see it, chuck roast was made for the crock pot. I mean, when you get a nice, grass-fed roast, you don’t need much to make the flavors pop, it’s already pretty tasty. Not to forget that it’s usually on the cheaper side of the roasts department. Let’s hear it for chuck! Here is a quick, GAPS-friendly, gluten-free recipe that can be started after breakfast with very little prep time. It’s aroma slowly envelopes the home throughout the day with a welcoming, enticing fragrance that is a blessing for hungry loved ones to come home to. Once it’s ready, you can fix it oh so many ways: on a bed of lettuce with grated cheese and creme fraiche as a meal-salad, use it instead of chicken in the easiest enchilada recipe, wrapped in a tortilla with beans as a hearty burrito, spooned atop a steaming baked potato, or thrown into a quesadilla to jazz things up. Needless to say, leftovers are a joy because they can be turned into an altogether different dish than what was made the day before. Cumin is included in this recipe not only for it’s delicious flavor, but also because it’s a potent stress-reliever and memory-booster (quite helpful after a long day). Garlic and red pepper flakes boost immune function. Always helpful.

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