Sweet Potato Fly

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Sweet Potato Fly is a fermented sweet potato drink that will remind you of ginger ale. The drink is sweet and refreshing.

sweet potato fly
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  • 12 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Fly”

    1. Sounds great! I assume it is not like kombucha or kefir soda and that there is nothing in the brew that will be consuming the sugar. Or does the whey do something with the sugar?

      Any approximations as to how much sweet potato? “Large” is relative.


      1. Yes, the whey is the “starter” for the fermentation and will introduce a good amount of lactic bacteria to consume the sugar. I would consider a large sweet potato to be about 1 lbs. Hopefully Amanda will chime in with her opinion since this is her recipe.

    2. Thanks! And would you happen to know if this can be frozen? Would love to make it for my family Cabin Gathering this year and it would travel better if frozen.

    3. Some of your fermented drinks like kavaas will last for months. Do you know why the spf only last a week?

    4. I tried this and it is too thick to strain even through a colander–some drips through but much of it stays in the colander along with the shredded sweet potatoes. I rinsed it a LOT after shredding, til the water ran clear. Any tips?!

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