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    Water Kefir Peach Bellini Recipe

    Water Kefir Peach Bellini
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    Summer is upon us and peaches are everywhere you turn. Peaches are my daughter's favorite fruit. We almost always enjoy a glass of water kefir in the morning I had this idea to make her a virgin Bellini. Traditional Bellinis are made from Champagne/Sparkling Wine and Peaches. This is a really refreshing, fun to serve beverage. Be sure to use the sweetest peaches that you can find to help balance out the tangy kefir. Using very cold kefir produces the best beverage.

    Recipe Instructions:

    Use an immersion blender or high powered blender like a VitaMix and puree the two peaches until they are very smooth.

    Slowly pour the kefir into the peach puree and mix slowly with a spoon. Mixing quickly will produce more foam.

    Carefully and slowly pour into a fluted glass (try not to create any more foam than you have to) and garnish with a slice of peach and a mint leaf.

    *Only use if your peaches aren't the sweetest and you need a little extra sweetness

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  • Mira Dessy says:
    very fun idea and a great way to get some healthy probiotics into them. Thanks for sharing. Reply
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