A Sneak Peak Video for Hard Working Moms

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Do you ever get tired? Are you an introvert like me and need some quiet time everyday or your head will explode? Do you spend energy studying and soul searching, trying to be the best mom and wife you can possibly be? I feel so privileged to have my family and am honored to be able to stay home and use my gifts to nurture and grow my family and home, but I can’t do it alone!

to do listI am forever searching out helpful tools to make things more efficient, spending hours reading blog posts, ebook, and regular books. Learning from others who have gone before me has been transformational in my life. In the past, I had a tendency to compare myself to these seemingly perfect women, but I’ve learned that we don’t all have the same giftings or personalities, and each of our families are unique because of such. Now, I thoroughly enjoy reading books, blogs, and watching videos of other moms and wives to try and get some of their insight. I have a teachable spirit, rather than a judge mental one. Getting into the heart of these other ladies has incredibly changed mine.

That is why I am so excited about this homemaking ebook bundle! Before this bundle came about, I had already read many of these resources for my own personal journey. I have to say that these ladies touched and changed my heart and family (and they will yours too!) with their words of wisdom and helpful tools. This past week I’ve been catching up on the ebooks I hadn’t read and I am reminded of so many things that I have set aside. Even though I have been consciously working on my intentional living, there are always things I need constant reminding of.

I put together a short video to preview the bundle. Feel free to share it with your other mom friends. This bundle would make an excellent Mother’s Day gift!  (I’m probably buying one for my sister and mother-in-law–hope they aren’t reading this…) I’ll be vlogging (video blogging) about some of my favorites next week, so check back!

You can see all of the items being offered in this bundle here. The sale starts Monday. Please sign up below to be notified when the sale is live, do you don’t miss it. This sale won’t be repeated and it’s for 6 days only!

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