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We added a Q&A section to our site to help answer questions quickly and efficiently. Questions and answers are provided by the community for the community, just like the wonderful recipes on the site. Our purpose in this is NOT to reproduce or overtake all of the wonderful real food blogs out there. Instead, we hope to help support them and point the community to helpful posts and sources.

What kinds of questions can be asked?

Anything having to do with real food cooking, eating, healing and lifestyle. There is a pretty broad range here. The categories will give you an idea of some possible question types. If you don’t see an appropriate category for your question, please feel free to suggest one by using our Contact form.

Duplicate questions are okay. We may point you to a previously answered question if yours is similar.

Feel free to ask and answer your own questions, just watch out for self promotion (see Conduct below).

What kinds of questions are prohibited?

Please do not ask questions that may be related to serious health concerns, such as difficulty breathing, severe head pain, severe abdominal pain, chest pain, etc., or anything that required immediate medical attention.

Please do not ask questions that are vague or require too much speculation. We want to be able to answer well.

What should my conduct be?

Be nice. Seriously. We will block accounts that resort to name calling, profanity, sarcastic put downs and “tone” that is not helpful, friendly and courteous.

If you want to vote a question or answer down, do so respectfully. Be sure to state why you thought a vote down was necessary in your reply.

Please no self promotion or spam. No affiliate links. You are welcome to point people to helpful blog posts or websites as long as they are not your own. We will delete answers that break this rule. There is one exception to this rule: If another user answers a question by pointing someone to your blog or website, you may then clarify or add additional information, but be sure to thank the original answerer.

Be calm. Be adults. No drama. No hysteria. Good clean humor welcomed and encouraged.

Please don’t take it personally if your questions/answers are not published or are deleted.

Do I have to be a member of Eat Nourishing?

At this point, yes. We feel  it is the best way to control spam and keep the questions relevant, plus we’re trying to build community. Register. It’s easy and we keep your info private.

What’s with the points?

Points are awarded for asking and answering questions, getting chosen as best answer, voted up, etc. The more points (or reputation) you acquire, the more capabilities you will be allowed and the more people will respect your opinions on the site. This is a community based feature after-all. Eventually, you could be entrusted with being able to edit questions and answers.




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