Muhammara ~ A Walnut Red Pepper Dip

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Here is a variation of a favorite dip/spread/sauce of ours that we’ve been enjoying for a couple years now. Muhammara is a wonderful dip for veggies, sauce for meat, pizzas, and sandwiches, and spread for toasts. I’m surprised it hasn’t caught on as much as hummus has; it’s soverytasty and easy to make (not to mention incredibly nourishing).

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    1. Sounds delish! Are ‘crispy walnuts’ the same as toasted walnuts? Is pomegranate molasses just molasses with pomegranate mixed in to taste? Sorry if I am missing this elsewhere, new to the site. Thanks!

      1. “Crispy walnuts” are walnuts that have first been soaked and then dehydrated. This reduces their phytic acid and makes them easier to digest. See the Real Food 101 page under Start Here.
        Pomegranate molasses is a special ingredient that can be found at Middle Eastern grocery stores. It’s basically pomegranate juice that has been condensed down into a thick syrup. Super tasty! Can probably buy on Amazon as well.

    2. I have a question about your Muhammara recipe. Do you include the entire jar of roasted red peppers, or do you drain off the oil they are packed in?

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