The Best Paleo Diet Cookies Recipe

Recipe Description:

I created this paleo diet recipe years before I even heard about this diet. After getting fed up with unhealthy, fatty cookies that have loads of sugar and flour (very bloaty!), I decided it was time to do some experimenting on my own to come up with a not-so-healthy-but-still-kinda-healthy-and-delicious alternative to the typical sugar or chocolate chip cookie. And thus, this recipe was born! My kids and friends have all loved it and it has gained much recognition online, so something must be working! 😉

I have found that by replacing conventional flour with almond flour, it provides a nice firm/soft texture ratio and will not give you that “bloating” feeling that other cookies will. Using 100% All-Natural Maple Syrup and coconut gives the cookies their sweet taste without having to sacrifice your waistline for indulgence! So go ahead and eat up! And let me know how you like them!

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