Bubbly Fruit Tea Water Kefir

A regular favorite in our house, using a tea bag makes it easy to make several different flavors from one batch!

In a one gallon glass container place the kefir grains and rapadura or sucanat. Fill with water, stirring until most of the sugar is dissolved.
Add the finished water kefir and dates to mixture. Cover with a cloth and let ferment for 24-48 hours depending on the warmth of your kitchen. Try to keep out of direct light.
Roll up each tea bag and place one inside a swing-top bottle. Pour your kefir off of the grains and into a pitcher. Using the pitcher and a funnel, pour into the swing-top bottles on top of the tea bags. Close the tops.
Leave to ferment an additional 12-24 hours on the countertop to produce carbonation. You should see small bubbles forming on the sides of the bottle. Place in the refrigerator when finished. Drink within one week.