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Eat Nourishing is seeking real food oriented businesses and products to partner with and promote . We also work with companies for safe kitchen gadgets, natural wellness products and natural body and home products. Our readers are eager home cooks who are concerned to learn about quality products that can improve and sustain their health and well-being. If you would like to be a part of one of the fastest growing real food websites on the internet, click here to view our advertising packages now.

All advertisement purchases go through editorial vetting to ensure that the advertiser meets our qualifications for a company we can stand behind and promote wholeheartedly. If we are unfamiliar with your product/company we may ask to begin our relationship with a product review so we can be sure your product will be a good fit for our audience.

For the time being we offer TWO 300×250 slots (one above the fold and the other below), ONE 728×90 leaderboard slot and SIX 125×125 slots. We also do giveaways, product reviews, custom recipe creation, sponsored recipes and site-wide ingredient sponsorship. We will soon be offering resource page text ads, newsletter sponsorship, social media sponsorship and other custom integrated advertising packages. We also have conference sponsorship opportunities and are currently seeking sponsorship for Wise Traditions 2012.

Our Reach

Eat Nourishing was launched in October of 2011. The site is barely six months old. As of April 2012 we have a Google Page rank of 3 and our Alexa ranking is 663,592 and falling. This is phenomenal growth in 6 months!

  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors (actual number of different people on the site): 10,000
  • Average Monthly Page Views: 50,000 (total number of times the site is seen): 50,000

*Based on 1st quarter statistics as reported by Google Analytics

Every unique visitor sees an average of 5 pages on Eat Nourishing which is well above average. Statistically, the longer a visitor is on a website, the more likely they are to click over to the advertiser’s website. That means the real food advertisers on Eat Nourishing should experience higher conversion rates than on the average website.

Along with visitors to the site, Eat Nourishing interacts with our audience though various outlets. Readers can subscribe to email and RSS updates (one reason why in-post or in-recipe mentions are valuable along with Newsletter sponsorship to reach a larger portion of the audience at once), have community interaction on Facebook, and get links to updates on Twitter. We are also beginning to grow our following on Google+.

Exploding onto the Real Food Scene

With only six months under its belt, Eat Nourishing already has a considerable following.We have a growing team of contributors keeping us with an ever growing supply of fresh posts and recipes. The team is headed up by editor Jami Delgado, who supplies the website’s main content and edits the other material. Jami Delgado created Eat Nourishing out of a desire to make real food recipes more accessible to the masses. She hopes to one day make Eat Nourishing the AllRecipes of the Real Food community.

Our mission is to create the largest free real food recipe collection on the web and inspire people to lead a more clean and sustainable lifestyle. Eat Nourishing has well over 800 published recipes and over 960 unique pages in the Google index, in only six months. We will soon be adding a feature to make uploading recipes an even simpler process with the goal of exponentially growing our database in a short amount of time.

Why Advertise on Eat Nourishing?

Websites and blogs offer a unique opportunity to share your brand and products through the mouth of other consumers. Our viewers trust and heed our opinions and reviews of products because they know we are normal, everyday people like themselves.

Take advantage of our youth and get a hold of visitors as they become new to the site. Get in while the rates are low and the viewership is high.

Types of Advertising Available

Visual Advertising

Consistent Exposure all month in the sidebar or all “recipe” posts*

All purchased visual advertisements include one complimentary social media mention during the month. Several options available for size and location. Purchase one month at a time, though we allow up to three purchases for each slot to be approved and purchased “in the queue” for the consecutive months. Discounts can be offered for multiple-month purchases.

Rates are calculated quarterly based on traffic. No refunds.

Click here to see current rates or to purchase

*Site-wide leaderboard ads will appear on all “recipe” posts, excluding sponsored or custom ones. Sponsored and custom recipe posts will override any site-wide ad for the sponsored recipes only.

Sponsored Giveaways/Reviews

Targeted and primed traffic delivered to you

Giveaways are a fantastic opportunity to generate interest and inquiry about a brand or product and literally gain visitors right to your website.

Sponsor must provide a sample in order to conduct a review as well as offer the same sample as a giveaway prize to the readers. We will be under no obligation to post a review of your product. If we decide to review your product, we will contact you with the post date and giveaway details. Sponsor is responsible for shipping the samples and giveaway prize.

Giveaway button will be displayed in the sidebar during the giveaway to advertise it.

Please mail your sample to:

Eat Nourishing
c/o Jami Delgado
10118 E Avenue R6
Littlerock, CA 93543

Sponsored Recipes

Get your brand in front of ALL of the readers.

Sponsored recipes are featured on the front page of the website for one week, as well as displayed in the newsletter one day. Sponsored recipes include a permanent leaderboard size ad within the body of the text directly under the photo. All sponsors of recipes will receive 3 complimentary social media mentions during the month.

Two options:

  • Provide us with a recipe and photo for your product along with your leaderboard ad
  • Send us a sample of your product and allow us to create a new custom recipe in our kitchen using your product. This option includes a sponsored blog post detailing the recipe formulation with up to four photos in addition to the sponsored “recipe” post.

Click here to see current rates or to purchase

Site-Wide Ingredient Sponsorship

Your brand name displayed site-wide* on any recipe containing your ingredient. Ex. “coconut oil,” may be sponsored to say “Best Brand coconut oil” or “coconut oil (Best Brand recommended)”

Cost calculated based on the number of recipes displaying your ingredient at the time of purchase.

Click here to see current rates or to purchase

*Excluding any sponsored recipes


Have your own idea or want something special? We love creating special advertising packages for our sponsors. Contact us for more details.


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