Chipotle Barbecue Sauce

A bold, yet sweet BBQ sauce. Want to burn? Add more Chili Powder and Mustard. To lessen the heat, decrease.

In a medium pan, heat coconut oil and sauté onions 10 minutes.
Add garlic and sauté another minute.
Add all other ingredients and simmer on medium heat for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Use a Hand Blender to blend ingredients while in the pot.

Homemade Coconut Butter

Move over peanut butter! Coconut butter is simple to make and is rich and creamy. Sure, you could buy it, but it’s a lot more expensive that way. You can use coconut butter as a substitute for just about any recipe calling for a nut butter and it can also be used as a dairy-free substitute for butter in baking. We like it as a dip for fruit or spread on bread with some preserves. Can you say CBJ sandwich?! Mmmm. Be careful this stuff is addicting when eating it by the spoonful.

Place shredded coconut in a food processor and blend. While it is going, add in the coconut oil. Blend until the shreds begin to stick together.
Scrape down the sides and blend for five more minutes.
Scrape down sides again and blend until creamy and liquidy. About 15 minutes total blending time.
Pour into a clean mason jar and store at room temperature. Like coconut oil, coconut butter will harden at temperatures below 76 degrees. Gently warm to use.
*Depending on what brand of coconut you use you may need a tiny bit more coconut oil. Some coconut is processed a little differently and is left with less oil in it and therefore drier.

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20-Minute Nourishing Enchilada Sauce

Buying enchilada sauce has been one of the last store-bought sauces found in our pantry, and I just couldn’t bear buying another jar. This recipe is quick, rich, and freezes really well. I’m freezing mine in pint-sized mason jars; the perfect amount for a pan o’ enchiladas (a very good freezer meal) and there may be some some to spare to make dressing for a tasty enchilada salad.

In a large pot, heat fat of choice over medium-high heat until melted. Meanwhile, whisk arrowroot powder in water until smooth. Add to fat. Add chili powder & stir for about half a minute. The arrowroot will get really gelatinous. Don’t let it scare you.
Whisk in all remaining ingredients except the salt in the pot. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 15 minutes. Stir in salt. Pour in prepared 1/2-pint or 1-pint mason jars & allow to cool. Fasten the lids and freeze until you’re ready to use.

Homemade Blackening Seasoning

Blackening seasoning is often expensive to buy in the store. Most likely, you already have everything you need to make a batch of this versatile seasoning mix. This mix goes great on meats, in sauces, dressings, dips, and more.

Stir all of the ingredients together in a bowl and store in an airtight container, preferably a glass jar.

Cranberry Orange Relish With Ginger and Nuts

A classic Thanksgiving condiment that is great any time of the year. Stock up on cranberries and freeze them so you can make this, even when they’re not in season. Tastes delicious with any meal, or as a quick afternoon snack.

In a large food processor, add the orange and cranberries and pulse until very rough chopped. Add the nuts, ginger, honey, and lime juice and continue to pulse until combined, but still slightly chunky. This will keep in the fridge for several days and tastes better the day after you make it.

Homemade Chocolate Magic Shell

If you buy MagicShell in the store, it’s full of junk. Making your own, at home, is so easy and tastes better than the store-bought stuff. Plus, it’s a great way to get more coconut oil into your diet.

In a double boiler (or sauce pan over low heat), melt all of the ingredients together and whisk until combined. Serve over your favorite ice cream.

Easy Condensed Cream Soup (Gluten-Free)

The arrowroot gives this soup a great consistency…like what you would expect from a can. Super easy, too!

Melt butter, then stir in arrowroot and seasonings, stirring until bubbly. Slowly add milk and broth, whisking constantly. Remove from heat, and use in recipes.
*Editor’s Note: This is a basic cream of chicken soup recipe. You can add other things like cheese, mushrooms or celery to create other “cream of” soup bases.

Homemade Taco Seasoning

Coming up with homemade seasonings has taken a while. I don’t know why; they’re so easy to assemble and such a better choice than anything a supermarket has to offer. Be sure to purchase only organic spices as most conventional ones have been irradiated (not good). You can make this in big batches to have on hand, or just throw the spices on the beef as it cooks, which is what I find myself doing most of the time. Whenever possible, I like to use fresh garlic to benefit from it’s many good properties, but obviously if you’re wanting to make a big batch, it’s better to go with dried/ground so it can be stored. A little jar of this is a great addition to a gift basket, or presented in a cute half-pint mason jar is a sweet (er, spicy) present on it’s own. Here is our taco seasoning that my kids have decided is their favorite (they are my hardest critiques, you know):

Mix all ingredients. Store in an airtight container (I used clean old spice jars or little mason jars)
Use about 3 tablespoons mix with 1 pound browned ground beef (or meat of your choice. It’s also great with chicken). Mix with about 1/2 cup water and let it simmer so the meat really absorbs the flavor without drying out.

Homemade Enchilada Sauce

I love enchiladas. They are probably one of my favorite foods. I never realized how easy it was to make your own sauce at home, where you control the quality of the ingredients. You’ll never have to buy the canned stuff again!

Combine all ingredients, except vinegar, in an large soup pot. Enameled cast iron works well to keep the acid in the tomato from leaching a metallic flavor from the pot. Stir everything together and bring to a simmer. Reduce heat to low and cook for 30 minutes. Stir in the vinegar and continue to cook for 15 more minutes. Remove from heat and you’re ready to serve!
The sauce freezes very well. You can double, triple, or more the recipe and freeze. Make sure you leave enough room for it to expand as it freezes.

Vodka Sauce

This delicious sauce is a great change up to your pasta dinner. Serve it with your favorite type of sprouted pasta.

In a skillet heat Olive Oil.
Saute onion, garlic until tender (1-2 minute)
Add Red Pepper, Oregano, Basil continue to saute.
Add Tomatoes cook to a low boil.
Add vodka (turn burner to low), cook to remove alcohol (2-3 minutes).
Add Cream, bring to simmer.
Serve with your favorite pasta.

Lacto-Fermented Homemade Ketchup

Ketchup, catsup… however you spell it, my kids adore it. The fact that I’m even messing with this sacred food (yes food, not condiment) of theirs is quite risky. I’ve tried three recipes. One was “too spicy,” one was “too lacto-fermenty,” they weren’t puréed enough… I’m competing with Trader Joe’s organic ketchup here. You’d think a homemade version would be a definite upgrade, but not according to my kids. Since I haven’t been able to exactly replicate their ketchup, I resigned to calling this homemade version (this recipe is as close as I could get to Trader’s) “red sauce” or “red dip.” Whichever name will most delight the eater is the name I use.

Blend tomatoes, peppers, and onion (preferably through a high-speed blender). This might need to happen in two or more batches. Pour in a large saucepan or stock pot and bring to a rapid boil. Allow purée to reduce to about half, stirring often.
Turn heat to medium and add remaining ingredients. Cover and check periodically to see if it’s reached your desired consistency. This can take 1-4 hours depending on how thick you’d like your ketchup to be. Store in fridge or double the recipe if you’d like to preserve some.
To Lacto-Ferment:
Decrease vinegar to 2 tablespoons and add 1/4 cup whey (not the powdered kind) to the end, cooled product. Stir and leave at least 1 inch of space between the ketchup and the top of the jar. Cover and sit on the countertop for three days, then store in the fridge (or a root cellar if you’re blessed enough to have one).
To Can:
Fill 1-pint jars leaving 1/4 inch headspace. Remove any bubbles with a knife and process according to a water bath method.

Lacto-Fermented Mayo

Homemade mayo is the best mayo out there. I add whey to give it a probiotic boost.

Place the everything but the oil into the blender or food processor and blend for about 30 seconds on high to get it good and mixed.
Now take the spout out and start to slowly add your oil. Start slowly to begin, the eggs need time to start working in the oil, if you put in too much at once it will not mix together and then you will have to start over. Once you have about a 1/2 cup of oil in you can start adding oil a little faster until all the oil is in. It won’t look like it is going to turn into mayo until you have about 2 cups of oil in, and then it will start to thicken up.
Once you have all the oil mixed in you are done. See that wasn’t so hard now was it? Faster than making a batch of cookies.
Once your mayo is all mixed transfer to a glass jar, a quart mason jar will hold it all, I use a 32 0z jar that holds all but just enough for sandwiches for lunch. It is ready to eat.
If you are worried about cross contamination let this sit on the counter for 2 hours. The acidity of the mayo will help kill any bacteria, but it can do it better at room temperature.
This keeps for about a week.