Homemade Coconut Butter

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Move over peanut butter! Coconut butter is simple to make and is rich and creamy. Sure, you could buy it, but it’s a lot more expensive that way. You can use coconut butter as a substitute for just about any recipe calling for a nut butter and it can also be used as a dairy-free substitute for butter in baking. We like it as a dip for fruit or spread on bread with some preserves. Can you say CBJ sandwich?! Mmmm. Be careful this stuff is addicting when eating it by the spoonful.

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      1. Sorry to hear that. My food processor is a Cuisenart. Perhaps it was the coconut you were using? It has to be unsweetened dehydrated quality coconut and it does take several minutes of blending. Did it begin to clump up at all? If so then you probably needed to just let it keep going. It goes from superfinely chopped to beginning to stick together a little, to becoming liquidy, to smooth.

      2. Also, I’ve never tried this in a blender. Unless it was a VitaMix, I’m not sure that you would get enough spin on it. If you can make other nut butters in your blender, you should be able to make this as well. It follows the same process.

    1. No, I used the processor, sorry. It was awhile ago and I used the Country Life dehydrated coconut that I also use to make coconut milk sometimes. I might try it again.

      1. Strange. I do know that when I tried it with my plastic blade in my Cruisenart it was starting to come together, but was going to take probably 3 times as long. The plastic blade doesn’t quite reach to the sides and definitely doesn’t scrape the bottom as well as my metal blade.
        Hope your next try works!

    2. Does this have a strong coconut flavor? My husband doesn’t like the taste of coconut very much, but I’m looking for butter replacements for baking.

        1. okay, I have coconut oil at home (I use it as a diaper cream for my baby). 🙂 I’ll try using that in place of butter. Thanks!

    3. This turned out great! Thanks for the tasty recipe. I did accidentally put it in the refrigerator and it is rock hard. I’m having to wait for it to “thaw” to put it on some toast.

      1. Good question! Coconut oil and coconut both have a very long shelf as long as they are kept at a relatively good temperature and covered. This shouldn’t be any different. I would say you could safely store it in your cupboard for 6 months, but probably even longer. Mine never lasts more than a couple of days 😉

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