Pomegranate Vinaigrette

Tastes like a light version of fall 🙂

Separate the seeds (arils) from the pith of a pomegranate. Discard the pith, put the seeds in a food processor. Strain out the juice and discard the remaining solids.
Add the rest of the ingredients to the juice. Pour into small dressing bottle
Shake before serving.

Honey-Mustard-Flax Seed Salad Dressing

We never buy salad dressings. They are expensive and often have scary ingredients. Plus, salad dressing is one of the easiest things to make!

I’ve been making Honey-Mustard dressing for a few years. This new version, with the addition of flax seed, is even more nutritious, adding omega-3 essential fatty acids. The flax also gives it more “body”. It’s just nicer all around!

Place all of the ingredients in a blender and blend on high until well combined and the seeds are nicely ground up. Pour into a glass jar, put on a lid and refrigerate.

Nutritious, easy, economical, and delicious!

Fresh Summer Salad with Roquefort Cheese

Even though the time for fresh lettuce is past because of hotter temperatures, it is still possible to make a wonderful salad from fresh ingredients bought at your local Farmer’s Market, or harvested from your own garden. There are other vegetables that could be added to, or substituted in this recipe, i.e. kohlrabi, turnips, snap peas, onions, broccoli, and also other fresh herbs would do nicely, such as Rosemary, thyme or marjoram. Experiment with what you can source or have on hand and enjoy!

Combine all ingredients, stir gently, cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour before serving.

Black Bean and Corn Quinoa Salad

Beans are so healthy, they have it all; the fiber, the protein, lots of vitamins, minerals and protective phyto-chemicals. Neutralize the phytic acid, which blocks absorption of some of the minerals, with just a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar per cup of beans in the the soaking liquid for 12-24 hours. Of coarse they cook up faster this way too. Black beans are so versatile as they are fairly small and become soft while holding their shape. I added quinoa to my salad, another power house, which is totally optional. It should be soaked and cooked separately. I bet avocado would be good in this too. I love the light dressing, it brightens the flavor of the salad/salsa.

Whisk together garlic, vinegar, oil, honey and spices to form a dressing. Combine all other ingredients, pour dressing over and toss. Serve as a side dish alone, with chips or in tacos. The flavors meld if you can stand to wait 30 minutes.
*Editor’s Note: To prepare quinoa, first run under cold water thoroughly to clean off the bitter-tasting saponin coating. Next, soak for 12-24 hours on the counter with enough water to cover, plus 1 Tbsp per cup of raw apple cider vinegar or live whey. Cook as directed, but they will cook up a little faster since they have been pre-soaked.

Homemade Croutons from Stale Bread

Here is an excellent way to use up hopelessly stale bread. I collect pieces, sometimes the heels, in a container in the freezer. When I have enough, then I make a batch of croutons! Of course, this may also be made from fresh bread if you wish. Marvelous on a salad or used to garnish bowls of soup! If you are a soup and cracker lover, these can nicely replace store-bought crackers in your soup.

Cut your bread into little cubes (or bigger ones or even fingers if you prefer.)
Melt the butter in a skillet and add the bread.
Cook, stirring, over medium heat until the bread is thoroughly toasted.
Sprinkle with sea salt to taste, and then a small amount of pepper. Stir well.
Sprinkle sparingly with poultry seasoning and dried parsley to taste. Stir well.
You can use more butter if you like. This is really more of a method than an exact recipe. Store these in an airtight container. Use soon, or freeze for later and re-crisp them in an oven.

Zesty Cole Slaw

A fresh spin on the traditional cole slaw. The savory twist in the dressing hightens the sweetness of the cabbage and carrots. Makes a great side to your favorite spring/summer dinner.

In a large bowl, toss the shredded cabbages and carrots.
For the dressing:
In a small bowl add olive oil, mayonnaise, mustard, and lemon juice. Whisk until ingredients are combined.
Pour dressing over cabbage and toss until vegetables are well coated.

Roasted Poblano Salad Dressing

Utilizing some fresh, in-season produce, I created this summery salad dressing for those south-of-the-border flavor cravings. The dressing might be prettier prepared in a food processor (bigger chunks), but I used a blender for a smoother texture. Not only is this dressing tasty, it provides some serious immune support using raw garlic, apple cider vinegar, and cilantro. This is a very mild dressing, so for those who are sensitive to spice (my kids), this is the dressing for you.

Blend all ingredients in a blender for a smoother texture (as seen in the picture above) or mince in the food processor for a chunkier dressing. NOTE: The flavor matures if you let it sit for at least a half hour before serving.
Over an open flame, char chilies until black (or broil for about 10 minutes). Seal in an air-proof container for 10 minutes, then peel off skin and de-seed. The end.

Creamy, Probiotic-Rich Ranch Dressing

With ranch as our favorite salad dressing, it’s a wonder this recipe hasn’t shown up here until now. Not only does this dressing contain wince-free ingredients such as essential, nourishing fats to help your body absorb the valuable nutrients from the salad, it’s packed full of probiotics to help aid digestion, strengthen immunity, and give it that tongue-dancing tang. Let’s not forget to mention the many benefits of raw apple cider vinegar, Celtic sea salt, and immune-boosting fresh garlic.

Place all ingredients in a quart-sized mason jar, screw the lid on, and shake until combined.

Fruity Cranberry Walnut Salad

We serve this delicious cranberry fruit salad at every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Fresh cranberries are only in season a short time — so this is a real treat! It’s also delicious to make ahead, as the flavor gets better with time.

Dice apples. Peel and dice oranges.
Rinse cranberries, removing mushy ones. Rough chop cranberries.
In a large bowl, combine apples, oranges, and cranberries. Add orange juice and sweetener. The orange juice helps preserve the apples and kick-starts the self-juicing of the cranberries.
Can be served immediately, or may be eaten for several days. Tastes great after being chilled overnight. Eat plain or enjoy as a garnish to yogurt.

Instant Italian Salad Dressing Packets

Like the ease of instant salad dressing packets, but wish you had something with more wholesome ingredients (and less cost??). This recipe is a family standby for a quick Italian salad dressing without all of the fillers and preservatives.

Combine dry ingredients in a bowl. 2 TB of mix equals one salad dressing packet.
Mix one “packet” of seasonings in a cruet or jar with oil, water, and vinegar.
OPTIONAL: For those who like a slightly sweeter dressing, add up to 1 TB of your favorite sweetener (honey, sucanat, etc.).