Berry-Beet Kvass Green Smoothie

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I love beet kvass, but getting my family to drink it is an ordeal. Beet Kvass is known for it’s medicinal qualities and also provides beneficial bacteria to the gut. This green smoothie is a great way to get it into them along with some greens. This smoothie is more like a juice as far as consistency and is completely dairy-free. I serve this type of smoothie alongside a nourishing egg breakfast. It is not filling enough to use as a meal replacement.

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    1. While making the Orange Ginger Kvass for this recipe, there is a beet colored powdery looking substance on the surface of my kvass. Is it OK? Also, do I keep ALL of the solid concoction for a second fermentation or just the beets?

      1. The powdery substance in not harmful and occurs sometimes. Just skim it off and throw it away.
        As for doing a “second ferment” there are actually 2 instances of this: 1) Drain off the liquid portion off of the beets and do a “second ferment” with them by placing in flip top bottles and topping off with fruit juice of choice and fermenting an additional 24-48 ish hours. This is typically what is meant by a second-ferment and is how you can flavor water kefir, kombucha, milk kefir and kvass. (I believe in the Orange Ginger version, you add orange juice and grated ginger? Not sure because it’s not my recipe). 2) Anyhow, the leftover beets can be fermented again a second time to create more kvass. This is a second ferment of sorts, but not really. I just look at it as a second batch. Your kvass won’t be as strong, but it’s still good for you. Just refill the jars that already have the beets in them with new brine and repeat the fermenting process.HTH!

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