Coconut Flour Lady Fingers

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Lady fingers are a staple cookie that can be enjoyed alone with tea, or used in a multitude of recipes such as, ice-box cakes, trifles, charlottes and tiramisu. The sponginess of these cookies is what makes them favorable for these types of recipes. They wonderfully absorb flavors without becoming mushy.

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      1. You can use tapioca starch in place of the arrowroot.
        If you are on GAPS, you can’t have any starch, and in that case, you can put an extra tsp of coconut flour, but the cookies will be on the grainy side and not quite as fluffy and spongy.

      1. I have not tried it. However, in other recipes I have left arrowroot out before and the recipe can still work. You will need to add 1 tsp more of coconut flour if you omit the arrowroot. The texture will be more grainy and I’m not sure how spongy it will be. Should still be “fine” though. Let us know if you do it.

      1. It’s pretty airy. Definitely has to do with quality eggs at room temperature and whipping them up properly. They need to be like this to soak up whatever you’re putting them in. Really great in trifles.

    1. Just made these for tiramisu. The texture was perfect. They absorbed the coffee wonderfully without getting mushy at all. I was so surprised at how well these turned out, given my previous, gritty experiences with coconut flour. I used tapioca instead of arrowroot and it worked fine. I also had trouble with the egg whites; I think I over beat them because there was liquid beneath the raft of fluffy whites. I used them anyway and it worked out great. Thanks for the recipe!

    2. Looks delicious.

      Can I add coffe grounds and/or cinnamon?

      Also, how would they do turned into ice cream sandwiches?


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