Crockpot Lacto-Fermented Apple Butter

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This is so easy and makes your kitchen smell delicious! It requires very little hands-on time and tastes just like Grandma’s apple butter.

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  • 7 thoughts on “Crockpot Lacto-Fermented Apple Butter”

    1. THANKS for the apple butter! we love it and there’s no added sugar…..we’ve taken ours and made the most wonderful dehydrated fruit leathers out of it, then more apple butter, too….are there ‘more like this’??

    2. Hi,
      I love that this recipe has no adder sugar or juice concentrates!
      Have you ever tried fermenting with salt instead of whey, or apple cider vinegar? How much salt (or vinegar) would you recommend using?
      I’d very much appreciate a replay, because we have an enormous 90 year old tree laden with apples waiting to be picked and used! Have always simply made gallons and gallons of (only minimally sweetened) applesauce but am
      looking to try something different and even healthier…

      1. I’ve never tried with salt or vinegar, but I suspect they would add an unpleasant taste. You could freeze or can the apple butter to preserve it, and then add whey to lacto-ferment it when you’re actually ready to eat it. I *think* apples should be acidic enough for canning without vinegar (but you might want to double-check that!) I often freeze my apple butter and lacto-ferment it after opening because I don’t usually have enough whey on hand to lacto-ferment a large batch. Hope that helps! And I’m jealous of your apple tree! 🙂

    3. Hi, this sounds amazing! I just have one question, could it be canned for a longer preservation without having to be refrigerated?

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