Crockpot Sauerkraut and Ribs

Recipe Description:

These will be the most tender and flavorful ribs that you have ever tasted. I always use homemade sauerkraut for this delicous recipe. The apple reduces the strong pungent taste of sauerkraut. I also add caraway seeds for an extra splash of flavor. This is one of my favorite meals growing up.

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    1. Can I use homemade fermented sauerkraut or will it destroy the vitamins ?

      Can I trade ribs with simple porc slices ?


      1. I use homemade fermented sauerkraut in this recipe frequently. Some of the vitamins and bacteria will be dimished when the sauerkeaut is heated (there is no way to avoid that when cooking sauerkraut). You can use pork slices in this recipe instead. I would decrease the cooking time to 10 hours since there will be no bones. I have found this recipe to be very forgiving.

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