Crunchy Honey-Sweetened Buckwheat Kasha

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When our family gave up cold cereals for breakfasts, I made several homemade cold cereals to keep in the pantry for those days when no one wanted to cook breakfast. The idea for the crunchy kasha came to me after reading about traditional kasha porridge made from buckwheat. I decided that if people made granola out of oats (essentially crunchy oatmeal), why couldn’t I make a crunchy version of kasha? My children loved it! This recipe is only lightly sweetened.

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    1. I want to try either this or your maple buckwheat recipe. Which do you suggest flavor-wise for a buckwheat newbie? My only experience with it is buckwheat pancakes, and I didn’t like them.

      1. Buckwheat does have a distinct flavor and not everyone likes it. You can make this crunchy recipe with maple syrup in place of honey. I would use maple instead of honey to help cover some of the buckwheat flavors if you don’t like them. Also, this recipe is only lightly sweetened and others may like more sweetening, so keep that in mind and add more maple syrup or a bit of stevia if desired.

    2. Hi Jami,
      I just made this cereal! I was so excited to try it. The flavor is great (I used maple syrup) but, they are so hard and crunchy that they are almost impossible to eat. Did you have that problem at all? Did I bake them too long?

      1. You may have. They should be crunchy, but not super hard. They are pretty much the same texture as granola. We eat them like a trail mix without any milk sometimes and it is not a problem. If you just made them, there is still hope. 🙂 Try putting them in a mason jar to store. After a couple of days in the jar, they should soften up and not be so hard.

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