David’s Slow Rise Rye Bread

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My husband is an OTR Truck Driver (Over-the-Road), and you know how healthly these guys eat. NOT! I developed this recipe because he needs whole foods that will keep him filled and nourished throughout those long days. He loves it too. This recipe yields to large loaves, and it freezes well. Great with roast beef sandwhiches or in a classic Rueben!

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    1. 3 C Water, 1/4 C rapadura, 1/2 C coconut oil, 1/4 C molasses, 2 C rye, 7-8 cups whole wheat. I use weights when I bake bread because I get a better loaf. When I make this recipe and use cups the loaf comes out dense, you may have to increase water by a 1/4 C.

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