Homemade Fizzy Ginger Ale with Lime

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Ginger is both refreshing and a helpful digestive aid. It also can help ease a queasy stomach. Enjoy a cool glass of this fizzy beverage on the hottest of summer days to quench your thirst.

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      1. Yes! The lacto-bacillus that are introduced to the beverage in the form of whey eat the sugars present in the drink and produce carbon dioxide as a result. Straining the beverage into flip-top bottles which have a rubber seal traps the carbon dioxide in the bottle so it can’t escape and forces the beverage to carbonate.

    1. I have a couple of questions about the jars & bottles recommended for this recipe. I’m guessing both types are recommended because of the tighter seals, but can you use regular Mason canning jars, instead of the Fido jar to make this? Are the flip top lids on the bottles also necessary?

      Thanks so much!

      1. You can do the first ferment in a Mason jar, but it won’t be fizzy….more effervescent then. It’s during the secondary ferment in the flip top bottles that the carbonation really happens. Yes, the flip top bottles are necessary if you want your drink fizzy. If that doesn’t matter so much to you, then ferment and store in regular mason jars.

    2. I forgot to ask earlier, but you had a link for the three set Fido jars but then mentioned using a 2-qt. jar for the recipe. I found a 67-3/4 oz. Fido jar for $10.38 on Amazon, would this work better or would it be too large for some reason?- “Bormioli Rocco Fido Round Clear Jar, 67-3/4-Ounce”
      Thanks again!

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