Peanut Cinnamon Paleo Squash Pancake

Recipe Description:

Makes a moist, airy squash pancake with a phenomenal taste. Add lots of butter and berries on top!

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  • 7 thoughts on “Peanut Cinnamon Paleo Squash Pancake”

        1. Pretty much agree with Jami. If you go by the ‘strict’ definition of Paleo, then peanuts aren’t approved as a legume. This being said, most people I know who do the Paleo thing (CrossFitters) who are SERIOUSLY into it utilize peanuts are their ‘fuel food.’ While eating beans and other things slows me down, I find peanuts/peanut butter actually helps give me energy; and I think most others feel the same way.

        2. Perhaps you could sub almond butter for the pb and then it actually would be considered paleo? I just don’t think you should label this a paleo recipe when it includes an ingredient that is not paleo approved… even if some people you talk to say it’s an okay “cheat”.

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