Sprouted Wheat Flour Egg Noodle

Recipe Description:

Sprouted pasta can be expensive, but these yummy egg noodles are quick and easy to prepare from sprouted wheat flour. They may be cooked immediately or dried for later use. Excellent as a base for pasta sauce or in chicken and noodles, or throw a few into other stock-based soups.

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  • 1 thought on “Sprouted Wheat Flour Egg Noodle”

    1. This sounds fantastic, but, how do they taste? how do they cook? do they hold up well when boiled? Compare to normal noodles so we’re not shocked by something that may not be anything like what we’ve eaten all our lives. Don’t get me wrong….am THRILLED to try this, but, would just like a head’s up on what to expect….THANKS :>)

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