The Best Crockpot Granola

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I am not a big, elaborate breakfast person, but I do want to feed my family something healthy!

One of our favorite quick and easy breakfasts is this crockpot granola. I’ve been making it for years. It’s the simplest, best, granola recipe I’ve ever tried. It’s absolutely delicious, takes literally minutes to throw into the crockpot, and makes the house smell WONDERFUL too!

I always double it, making part into bars, which make a great portable snack or quick breakfast-on-the-run. I adapted the original recipe I was given years ago to use coconut oil rather than canola/vegetable oil and added nuts. Any nut will work, I generally use walnuts, but have used both pecans and almonds as well. I like to add chocolate chips when I make it into bars.

My kids love to eat this just like regular cold breakfast cereal in a bowl with milk. It’s definitely a staple in our house…you couldn’t ask for a simpler to make, more versatile or delicious recipe.

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