Vanilla Hazelnut Breakfast Rice

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A creamy, delicious, widely-adaptable and nutritious breakfast dish.

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    1. Hello, I would love to try this recipe, sounds so yummy, but I am a little confused on the rice part. Ingredients say to use 4 cups cooked rice, pre soaked. How much is that in dry measure? Do you know? Then your friends method of cooking the rice with the milk to soften the rice, is this still after soaking? If rice is precooked, would you still follow these directions? Sorry for so many questions, but this sounds so good! Thank you for your time.

      1. It is 4 cups of dry rice that is soaked overnight in enough water to cover it, usually with a little added acid like vinegar or lemon juice (about 2 tablespoons. This soaking method helps make the rice more nutritious and easier to digest, not to mention reduces cooking time. In the morning, drain off the soaking liquid and proceed with the rest of the recipe. Hope that helps. 🙂

      2. Oh sorry. I misread your question. Roughly 2 cups dry is 4 cups cooked. Proceed with this recipe as stated if your rice is already cooked. If it is not cooked, then follow my previous comment to soak before cooking.

    2. I soaked 2 cups of brown rice overnight, then cooked in my rice cooker. Then put the rice in the pot and continued with the directions. Very easy and I loved the idea of tempering the rice. I put eggs in my oatmeal, but it very often gets stringy pieces. I didn’t use the hazelnut. I did use 2 T honey and sprinkling of stevia and a little natural maple flavoring. I topped with frozen blueberries and some coconut milk. Yum!

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