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  • Recipe:

    Cocoa Roasted Almonds Recipe

    Cocoa Roasted Almonds
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Recipe Description:

    Cocoa roasted almonds seem to be the new snack food. But often times they are loaded with unnecessary sugar and not so good for you oils. These are a great snack for any type of snacker, they are slightly sweet, crunchy, have a little heat, and of course chocolatey.

    Recipe Instructions:

    Put the almonds in a bowl and add honey mix to evenly coat all almonds. Warming the honey slightly will help with this but is not necessary.

    Sprinkle on the cocoa, salt, and cayenne. Remember just a little cayenne goes a long way. You can always taste it (taste a whole almond not just the coating) and see how you like it and add more if you need. Mix this in to coat the almonds. Place on a baking sheet and bake at 250 for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the almonds are fragrant and the honey starts to dry some.

    After you take them out you can sprinkle another tablespoon of cocoa on them and coat. Let cool, place in an air tight container, keep in the fridge and enjoy.

    Comments and Reviews

  • Michelle Woodcock says:
    How do I dehydrate my almonds for the Cocoa Roasted Almond recipe? Can I just use raw and soaked? Reply
    • "Soaked and Dehydrated" just refers to a process which helps make the nuts more digestible. Soak your raw almonds (like 4 cups) overnight in filtered water enough to cover amply, plus about 1 tablespoon Real Salt. In the morning, drain and spread on a cookie sheet. Allow to dry in 150 degree oven or food dehydrator for 18-24 hours or until they are crispy. However, with this particular recipe, you should be able to soak the raw almonds as above, drain really well and maybe pat dry a little (to help the coating stick), then mix the coating and proceed with the recipe since they are going to be roasted anyway. So I think that answers your question with a yes. ;) It's just that many of us already have "crispy almonds" around so that's why the recipe starts there. Reply
  • Sandra Thomas says:
    If I put these in jars for gifts are they going to be sticky? Reply
    • helay8403 says:
      They shouldn't be. If they are baked for long enough they should be dried and good for storing in a jar. Reply
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