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  • Recipe:

    Easy Flourless PB Cookies Recipe

    Easy Flourless PB Cookies
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Recipe Description:

    These are the yummiest cookies and the best part is that they're so easy. I LOVE that they are inherently allergy-friendly (well, supposing your allergies are not to peanut butter or eggs...) so they are a great go-to for us. I love that I don't have to mess with measuring and figuring out gluten free flours because they do not contain any flour...yet you'd never know! Give these a try...you won't regret it! I won't tell anyone if you eat seven in one day...

    Recipe Instructions:

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine all ingredients except chocolate chips in a large bowl and stir until mixed. Toss in chocolate chips and stir to combine. Drop by small spoonfuls onto baking sheets lined with parchment paper and bake for 9 minutes.

    *Each time I've made these, I have had to add a few splashes of water to the mix in order to get it to be wet enough - I think it is because my peanut butter is on the drier side. If your mixture is crumbly, feel free to add a little water until it's moist and they will still turn out great!

    Comments and Reviews

  • loves2spin says:
    I just made a batch of these cookies. They are wonderful! Soft and chewy and just right and SO easy to make. I ended up with 27 cookies. Thank you for sharing this nice recipe! Reply
  • So glad you enjoyed them! Reply
  • sarah says:
    just made these and had 4 at once...i could eat all of them..oh my so delicious :) Reply
  • kelly says:
    I'd love to try these with almond butter, what could I use in place of the coconut sugar? (no sugar, just honey or coconut cream options--only natural food products please), thanks! Reply
    • This recipe only works with a granulated type sugars and you can't cut it out or decrease it or the recipe will not work out. Therefore, only make on a special occasion since there is a lot of sugar in them. Honey will not work. Coconut Sugar, Date sugar, Sucanat or Rapadura are the only options, I'm afraid, for this *particular* recipe. They are fantastic with almond butter! Reply
      • kelly says:
        thanks anyways! wont do it if cant be done with a sugar alternative!! but sounds awesome! Reply
        • You wouldn't use date sugar but you would use honey? Date sugar is simply dehydrated and ground up dates. Can't remember how it stacks up on the GI chart off hand. Reply
          • kelly says:
            Actually I'd never heard of date sugar, we don't have dates here right now (I live overseas) but I'll look into it-I could make it easily (I make date syrup when I can get dates). Im GAPS so pure ingredients are best but potentially that might work, I dont eat a lot of sweets anyways, but love the nut butter concoctions
          • I *think* date sugar is GAPS legal. You would probably have the best luck finding the date sugar online. :)
    • kbaker says:
      If you use honey you can bake them in and 8x8 pan and have peanut butter honey bars- they are chewy and delicious! It is a favorite in our home :) Reply
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