Is Fermented Cod Liver Oil Really That Much Better?


    This is not strictly a “food” question… I believe from what I’ve read that the fermented cod liver oil is the best choice.  It is Very Expensive.  We have been using plain liquid CLO that does not have artificial vitamins added.  We take 2 teaspoons a day of this oil.  I was told that with the fermented oil, you only need 2 cc’s.  Is that true?  And would it benefit us enough to use that kind instead in spite of the price?

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    It is true that you don’t need to take nearly as much Fermented Cod Liver Oil. The suggested serving size on the bottle is 2ml. However, you can take more. Many people take extra doses during times of stress or illness.

    It is my understanding that the way nutritional labeling works, there is no way to list all of the metabolites and co-factors that are in fermented cod liver oil versus regular good quality cod liver oil because many are unregulated and we really have no idea what all of them do or how our bodies utilize them. However, people have been making and taking fermented cod liver oil and fermented skate oil for longer than they have been consuming regular oil. Perhaps it was only for preservation sake they let it ferment, but if I’ve learned anything about fermenting food, be it vegetables or beverages, it is that the nutritional quality only increases and gets easier to assimilate into the body with fermentation. Being able to use the nutrients is much more valuable than just consuming them.

    Is it worth it to pay the extra for Fermented Cod Liver oil? I think so. The cost isn’t much more, especially if you wait for a sale and buy several bottles at once. But in all actuality, you just do the best you can for your family. If the cost is too prohibitive or you just can’t rationalize the increase, regular GOOD quality cod liver oil is still a wonderful and healthy option.


    Thank you, Jami.  You mentioned a sale?  Who offers that?  I could save up and buy a good supply then.  I really appreciate your insight into this.


    Green Pastures has a summer sale every year. It is on right now, but they don’t let you know when it ends, so buy now. Regular non-flavored FCLO is on sale for $26 when it’s normally $44. Great deal!


    Can you share a link to that, please?


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