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    Basil Pesto Recipe

    Basil Pesto
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    Basil pesto freezes beautifully, making this a key way of preserving the fresh brightness in basil. Use pesto on pasta or add it to soups and sauces. Of primary importance is using tender young leaves, not the ones that are shooting to seed.

    Recipe Instructions:

    Wash your basil prunings, shake off water, and allow to dry while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

    Grate the cheese. Peel the garlic.

    Pull the basil leaves from the stems and lightly pack into your measuring container.

    Place all ingredients together in a blender. Put on the lid to prevent green splatters on your face. Blend until smooth. (You may need to stop the blender, pushing down ingredients that want to cling to the side.)

    Use immediate or freeze by pouring the pesto into ice cube trays or other small containers to freeze. Once frozen, move the pesto cubes into a freezer bag or other freezer container and return to freezer.

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