Cranberry Almond Quinoa Salad

Recipe Description:

Okay how happy are the quinoa farmers these days? Quinoa and chia seeds are all the rage in health food lately. We’ve been on board for a while. We’ll often serve quinoa like rice or as a pilaf for a side at dinner. We all love it, even though it’s a really intimidating word to say out loud. It’s pronounced keen-wah. I didn’t try it for a couple of years just because I didn’t know how to say it. No I’m not insecure at all, why do you ask?
It’s so popular, because unlike other grains, it provides a complete protein. It’s the same reason rice PLUS the beans are a full meal vs just rice by itself. And for the anti-grain people, it’s actually not a grain! It’s a seed! Huzzah!
My very favorite favorite dish featuring quinoa is this salad. I adapted it from one I saw on It’s so delish, you won’t believe it. I eat it for days straight… And it’s versatile, so you can switch it up however you like. But trust me when I say: this combo is a winner. I hope you enjoy!!

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