Fermented Grape Tomatoes

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A wonderful way to preserve grape tomatoes for use in salads, etc.

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    1. Now I can’t wait for summer 2013! And here I thought the only thing I had to look forward to is the new Hobbit movie in December. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Do you know how long these will keep? Thanks for this beautiful recipe!

    2. Mine taste like little champagne balls–the feeling, that is. You can really feel the tingling on your tongue and the basil flavor is wonderful. I did mine with garlic salt and so far I’m just eating them out of the jar.

      I don’t understand how the people of yesteryear preserved their preserved foods. Why must we REFRIGERATE our fermented foods? They couldn’t back when; what did they do? I wondered if they made smaller but more frequent batches but I believe they made HUGE batches in big crocks and ate from those crocks. My father, 69, grew up on a farm thatas behind the times and still did things the old ways and he said they packed their salted cabbage in canning jars and sealed them tightly and put them in the cellar. Never had busted jars or leakage, never opened and packed it back down to remove the bubbles. Anyone have “old” experience or answers?

    3. I think the answer to your refrigeration question is that they had root cellars, or very cool basements. Our basement, because of our furnace, is definitely not cool in the winter, so we don’t have that storage option.

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