Fermented Shredded Indian Carrots

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An aromatic blend of spices with shredded carrots, this tastes good fermented or not.

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  • 4 thoughts on “Fermented Shredded Indian Carrots”

    1. Hi… Can I use fresh brewed water kefir instead of whey or a veggie culture? Or if I have made a fermented batch of garlic or onions can I use the brine from that? Or will just adding the extra salt suffice?

      Also does fermented the carrots lessen the sugars in the carrots the same way the sugar gets eaten and consumed in making water kefirs ?

      1. Yes, you could use water kefir, but I think you would get better results with brine from a previous ferment (that’s effectively what the veggie starter is, just in powder form).

        As for the sugars in the carrots, some will be reduced, but I’m not sure how much. Probably not very significantly, unless you do a longer ferment.

      2. I have used water kefir and also Bio-kult probiotic capsules – both work great! Fermenting does reduce the sugars somewhat and also makes the carbohydrate in the vegetables easier to digest. x

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