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    Instant Taco Seasoning Mix Recipe

    Instant Taco Seasoning Mix
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    Everyone loves taco night. But when you're in the pinch of the weeknight bustle, it's easy to be tempted by expensive instant mixes (with ingredients that make you shudder). Save time and money by storing this simple homemade mix in your cupboard -- and make taco night everyone's favorite again.

    Recipe Instructions:

    Combine ingredients in a jar. Shake to combine.

    2-3 TB of mix = 1 instant package of taco seasoning.

    To cook, add 2-3 TB of mix to 1lb of beans and/or ground meat.

    NOTE: Not a fan of traditional tacos or want to avoid corn? Make a salad using lettuce, cheese, salsa, meat (beef, chicken, etc), beans, and guacamole.

    TIP: To save money, we buy our spices in bulk from a local health food store.

    Comments and Reviews

  • loves2spin says:
    This would make a great gift too! Reply
    • bessie says:
      Brilliant idea! I should do that for Christmas... Reply
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