Sweet Potato Popovers (Grain-free)

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Warm sweet potato popovers from the oven are crisp on the outside and have a hollow, warm souffle-like inside. Made with arrowroot flour so they are gluten-free, the starch makes the outside get a slight crunch. Slather them up with some homemade cinnamon honey butter for extra goodness.

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    1. I am planning on making these up for Thanksgiving dinner Could I make up the batter about an hour before or will it get too gummy? We live an hour from where we will be eating and want them to be fresh but don’t want to use too many dishes or take up too much time and space. Or if I pop them in the oven to warm right before we eat would the crisp back up? Thanks for the help!

      1. I have not tried to mix the batter ahead of time, so I don’t know how it would turn out. I would not try to reheat them. Popovers are always best fresh. Maybe you could mix all the dry ingredients together and also mix wet ingredients together and pack them. Then all you have to do is add the wet to dry and bake. Good luck!

    2. The middle came out a bit underdone, but still had great flavor! I totally missed the step about slitting the tops so next time they should be perfect.

    3. hm, think a muffin tin will suffice? no popover pan here. muffin tin or cupcake tin may bake slightly bigger popovers, but will they be too big to cook properly!?? help. me so hungie.

    4. i’m making these again right now, for the second time. this time i added a little sage and some peccorino cheese, rather than the sweet version with cinnamon.
      holy toledo. they look beautiful. i can’t wait to have the leftovers tomorrow morning with my eggies and sausage.
      you are a genius. thanks for the recipe!

    5. Sounds delicious!
      Has anybody tried making these with tapioca starch? It’s what I happen to have in my pantry at this time …

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