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  • Recipe:

    Yellow Curried Pickled Eggs Recipe

    Yellow Curried Pickled Eggs
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Recipe Description:

    Curry spiced pickled eggs with the awesome side effect of a brilliant yellow. These not only look great but taste great too. Use as you would an hard boiled egg. Sliced on a salad, as and egg salad or eat by themselves as a nutritious snack.

    Recipe Instructions:

    Pack eggs into a quart sized mason jar. I was able to fit about 10 eggs in a jar. Sprinkle spices in as you pack the eggs. Cover with salt brine. It’s important to make sure the eggs are fully submerged using a weight. Cover tightly and let set for about a day. Transfer to the fridge and let marinate for few days to a week before serving. The longer they set, the more the color will leach in to the middle of the egg. I suggest using these within a month (if they last that long).

    Comments and Reviews

  • Carlotta says:
    I'd like some clarification....are the eggs in this recipe hard-boiled or raw? Is the shell on or has it been removed? Reply
    • Holly says:
      Carlotta, I had the same questions as you; checking the link above to Picklemetoo's related blog post, it looks like she used hard-boiled eggs with the shells peeled off. Reply
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