Coconut Strawberry Creamsicles

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Dreamy coconut flavor with a strawberry twist. Nourishing coconut milk is the star in this simple dessert.

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    1. I’m doing a variation on this because I only have half a butternut squash we roasted on hand, and no curry powder. 😛 Instead, I have garam masala, which has a lot of coriander in it already. I’m also using lamb stock, since that’s what I have on hand as well. I added in some carrots and celery to bulk up the veggie portion, since I don’t have enough pumpkin. Right ow, it’s all tossed in the crockpot, and already smells so good! Thanks for the idea for dinner tonight, KerryAnn!

      This site ROCKS. It’s so great that we can all archive our recipes in ONE SPOT!

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